JD Michell

Product Development Manager

JD Michell is our Digital Manager at Encompass Online Marketing. With a wealth of certifications from Google, including Adwords and advanced Analytics training under the guidance of industry experts, JD is a true digital marketing powerhouse. He's a member of Google Cloud Innovators +, constantly expanding his expertise in Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure, and AI. JD's hands-on approach extends to social media, where he leverages his active developer profiles for Google, Facebook, and Twitter to craft custom apps and seamless integrations, elevating our client's online presence and engagement effortlessly. He thrives on staying at the forefront of industry trends and leveraging the latest tools and technologies to deliver exceptional results.



● Multiple course and lab certifications for Google, including comprehensive Adwords certifications.
● Completed an advanced Analytics course instructed by Kevin Hartman, Director of Analytics for Google, showcasing proficiency in data analysis.
● Member of Google Cloud Innovators +, continuously pursuing new certifications with a recent focus on Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure projects, and AI technologies.
● Possesses active developer profiles for Google, Facebook, and Twitter, demonstrating technical expertise.
● Skilled in creating custom applications and seamless integrations across these platforms to enhance client experiences and engagement.

Favourite Encompass Project

JD's favourite project at Encompass Online Marketing has been the exhilarating journey with Encore Dog Sports. This project allowed him to combine his digital marketing expertise with a delightful twist – cute doggo pictures! This project not only brought smiles but also showcased JD's ability to infuse creativity into his work, making it a standout and memorable experience.

Favourite Things

  • The Way by Lao Tzu

  • The Songwriters

  • Firefly

  • Pug of Crydee


● Over the past 7-8 years, Jd has successfully overseen many fully developed social media campaigns encompassing both organic and paid strategies with budgets ranging from nothing to 6 figures.
● He is proficient in executing campaigns across a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok and has demonstrated skills in leveraging the unique strengths and audiences of each platform for optimized campaign outcomes.
● JD is a seasoned digital marketer with a predominant background in the automotive industry, bringing specialized knowledge to the table.
● He transitioned focus over the last 3-4 years towards empowering small businesses in leveraging their digital presence as a valuable asset.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society 

- Krishnamurti

Passions & Hobbies:

● Emerging Tech● Philosophy