Jordan Schulz

Social Media Manager


Jordan has a passion for digital marketing and social media. 

She creates engaging social media posts and graphics that help businesses increase their online presence. She schedules content and manages social media profiles to ensure our client's brands are consistently represented across all social media platforms. Jordan helps our clients establish a strong social media presence, engage with their audiences, and ultimately drive more traffic and sales!

People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute.”

Logan Huntzburger from Gilmore Girls.


    Jordan began her adventure into social media management by promoting her art on Instagram. She developed a schedule and system that worked for her and decided it was something she would like to do professionally.
    This led her to Encompass, where she uses her creativity to create engaging social media posts and graphics.
    Her interest in learning more about social media management led her to take courses and acquire certificates.
    She continues to learn as much as she can about social media marketing to help grow our client's online presence!

Favourite Encompass Project

One of Jordan's favourite projects is working on the Encompass social media posts! She loves space, which is perfect because we are transitioning into more of a space theme, and she is fully embracing it! She also loves working on The Good Dog Treats' social media because she enjoys looking at dogs while making the graphics, and let's be honest, who doesn't love looking at dogs?



● Social Media Intensive- Be Wise Business Academy
● Social Media Marketing Certificate- Hubspot Academy

Favourite Things

  • The Book Thief

  • Ellen Hopkins, Author

  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire

  • Bob's Burgers

  • Bumblebee from Transformers

Passions & Hobbies:





    Anything Outside

Favourite Song