Justine "Tini" Stilborn

Account & Operations Manager

Justine Stilborn, also known as Tini, brings a playful, creative approach to content development. Her passion for art and organization allows for a unique website and content development produced faster than our competition.

Every minute spent organized is an extra hour earned to be creative. - Justine "Tini" Stilborn



● Google Ads Search Certification - Google Digital Academy● Social Media Intensive - Be Wise Academy● Google Ads Display Certification - Google Digital Academy● Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of Regina● CPR/AED/First Aid - St Johns Ambulance

Favourite Encompass Project

Being a mom of little ones Justine got to channel all of her love of motherhood into Anna Orr Photography's website, you can almost smell that newborn baby smell by looking through this website.

Anna Orr Photography

Favourite Things


● As anyone starting professionally, Tini began in the retail and service industry, from a sales associate for a Fabric company to a Waitress at a tasty Pizza joint. ● She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Drawing with a minor in Arts History from 2014.● She excelled as a PI Analyst and CAO Manager, increasing inventory accuracy to 85% to improve sales for her departments. ● She got into marketing as a copywriter, social media manager, and graphic designer, transitioning into administration and operations management.● Finally, we found her and gave her a role to apply her customer service experience, her love of organization and systems, while leveraging her creative skills.

The best social media ads feel like organic posts, the worst organic posts feel like social media ads.”

- Justine "Tini" Stilborn

Passions & Hobbies:

● Drawing & Painting● Video Games● Gentle Parenting● Organization

Favourite GIF