Introducing Copywriter: Trenton Ross

Introducing Copywriter: Trenton Ross

Our in-house copywriter Trenton Ross takes storytelling to a new level. With each piece he creates, Trenton uses his expertise in copywriting to deliver informative and inspiring content for our clients and Encompass' purposes. He is the wordsmith that brings your story to life, crafting engaging blogs and articles that will help propel your business.

Encompass Online Marketing's copywriter, Trenton Ross works closely with our online entrepreneurs to ensure that their websites look great and contain content that reflects the right tone and message. Integrating a blog as part of your website becomes a powerful marketing tool that any business can use to keep your existing customers informed and attract new ones. Trenton has mastered integrating content, woven with keywords, into your website that connects with your audience. His work provides content that stands out in a sea of digital copy but also in a way that satisfies the new content algorithm, plagiarism and originality and captures the nuances of each company's industry.

Trenton Ross can help increase your brand awareness and web traffic by writing content for your social media accounts. He researches up-to-date hashtags, so your content makes an impact. Visit our website to see our previous work. Trenton has proven his proficiency at writing social media copy that informs the design and does all the hashtag research.

"I have a generalized approach for social media posts, I go the client's website and see what services they have that are the most important... then I try and make it catchy and engaging, so people want to read them and learn more about the company."

Whether it's ghost tweets and blogs, sales writing for a web page or brochures, or product descriptions for a shopping website, all written content is developed creatively and quickly with as much enthusiasm as possible!

Trenton Ross writes blogs that keep your website active, entertaining, and attractive to prospective buyers. Thanks to Trenton's copywriting talents, we're always adding to our customer base and generating organic leads. We offer copywriting services, including blog writing, product description writing, etc. Typically we write articles ranging from 500-1,000 words each. Trenton will write any blog you need and make it stand out from the competition. The copywritten blogs for serving various functions, whether it's just content blogs to satisfy new content algorithms, blogs to rank your site, educate target audiences, and increase opportunities for generating interest, traffic, and revenue.

Did you know that a website with a blog earns 55% more visitors than websites that don't have a blog? Blogging can be a blessing to your website with 434% more indexed pages.

Read some of our most recent blogs written by Trenton:

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"Writing for Encompass Online Marketing are the favourite blogs I write by far. Since I write them for the company I work for, I have total freedom, and they are a great learning opportunity. I had minimal experience in this area, and writing these blogs gives me a chance to find out what I want to know to do my job more efficiently. I was writing about things on our website that I wanted to know more about; since I have that mostly covered, I want to move into writing about trends in digital marketing and other topics I find interesting that I would like to know more about."

He also writes blogs for our clients, and we invite you to read a few of them:

Concrete Company Blogs

These can be a little more complicated. What is there to say about concrete levelling that hasn't already been said? Trenton always references clients' websites, picks a service, and writes about it. His approach for concrete marketing is more to educate others than himself. Maybe people don't know you can lift an entire warehouse floor with polyurethane; now they do! Read more here:

  1. Quattro Contracting
  2. BC Concrete Lifting
  3. Sanremo Poly-Foam

Construction Company Blogs

Trenton's approach for these is similar to the concrete blogs, but not entirely. He still references the website for their services, but he picks something related to, say, a furnace, like maintenance, instead of just writing about furnaces. These blogs allow for more freedom to find an idea that allows Trenton to learn about as a potential customer. He commented that "Roofing is more interesting than I thought." His approach includes researching relevant industry trends and thinking about what he would want to know about roofs or roofing, plumbing, renovations, etc. Trenton writes from the perspective of a potential customer wanting to educate about the options.

  1. United Roofing & Exteriors
  2. Revolution Plumbing
  3. Budget Plumbing & Heating