Introducing Graphic Designer: Lori Kluge

Introducing Graphic Designer: Lori Kluge

Lori Kluge is our in-house graphic designer. She is a visual storyteller with an eye for beauty and knows how to use it to bring our client's visions to life. She uses her skills and experience to create eye-catching designs using images, typography, colour and illustrations to express ideas. Lori knows how to grab your attention, and she'll help you get noticed with her creative eye for detail! 

Lori is passionate about the design process and enjoys working with our clients to create the perfect design solution that meets their needs. Lori has worked on projects ranging from brochures to pamphlets to business cards to websites to signage and print ads—you name it! And because she's so passionate about what she does, she can communicate your vision in a way that will make you feel like you're part of the creation process from beginning to end. She is always excited to hear new ideas and challenges from clients because it allows her to flex her creative muscles!

As a graphic designer, Lori Kluge is passionate about finding the perfect font and image combination to create a memorable visual. As a website designer, she uses her understanding of design principles to create beautiful websites that turn visitors into leads and sales. She excels at design and knows how to choose fonts and pictures that complement each other to convey your brand's message. Lori's work is always on point, and is committed to helping you reach your design goals.

Lori enjoys working on design projects that have meaning for her. This includes anything from creating a logo for a local business to creating a poster to promote an event. We asked Lori where she finds inspiration, and she said:

"Inspiration can come from anywhere…graphic design blogs, magazines, books, pictures, commercials, etc."

Did you know graphic designers have been around since the 1400s? That's right—they designed logos and ads for businesses long before computers existed. And even today, graphic designers don't just use computers; each has a unique process they use to create beautiful designs and layouts. We asked Lori about her design process, and she said:

"If designing a print ad: After receiving the brief, the company logo and any brand guidelines that need to be followed, I will research the company, check out their website and any social media accounts I can find. To see what they've done in the past. I'll also look at other businesses that do the same things or supply similar products and try to determine the target audience. I will then get together any pictures and information that I think customers might want to know about the business (ex: services and products they sell). I start with a simple layout to ensure everything fits and decide the hierarchy of all text. Then it's time to add the design elements to the layout. This is what, I believe, will help the ad stand out and make the ad memorable when customers think about the specific product or service."

"If designing a logo for a new company: After receiving the brief and determining which type of logo they are looking for: wordmark, letterform, monogram, brand mark, abstract mark, mascot, emblem or a combination, I will research the types of products or services they provide, check out other businesses that do the same things or supply similar products and try to determine a target audience. I will gather inspiration from what the client has said and provided (colours they like, samples of fonts and pictures they like, etc.). Then I'll draw up a few samples (maybe five) for the client to look at to determine what they like and what they don't. After getting their input, I can refine the logo down (this may require a lot of back and forth with the client) until it is perfect and the customer loves it."

Lori's ability to think outside the box will help your business stand out from the crowd. Her eye for detail ensures everything looks clean and professional on all platforms. We asked her what her favourite part about her role is, and she said:

"I like designing any type of printed advertisements and working on the design and layout of websites."

Lori has designed many websites for our clients, but her three favourites are:

Bengert Electric

Save Locale

Inner Bloom Health

Lori has also worked on many logo designs for our clients. She didn't want to take full credit for any of them. She said they were all a genuinely collaborative effort, but her three favourite logo designs are Save Locale, The Blinds Collective Design Studio, Flourish Financial.

Lori understands that every company has its own voice, and she works with you to find the perfect way to share it with the world. Thanks to Lori's design talents, we offer full-service graphic design services for businesses of all sizes. She helps us ensure you can get exactly what you need for your digital or print marketing needs. Our team will work with you throughout the entire process of creating a new logo, a new website, print materials or redesigning existing ones! We will help you determine what works best for your business and what doesn't. Then we'll work together to create an eye-catching design that will help put your company on the map by making sure it's memorable and unique. If you're ready for an upgrade in your brand's visual identity or need help getting started on a new website project, let Encompass Online Marketing show you what we can do!