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  • Your website is a reflection of who you are and what you do. It's an essential part of your online presence, so it's vital to ensure it's optimized for search engines, keeps visitors engaged and makes a good impression.

    Websites that aren't optimized for search engines won't be found by people looking for them. Websites that don't keep people engaged will lose potential customers and leave them unsatisfied. And websites that don't make a good impression have anything to offer—no matter how compelling the content or the value of the service or product offered on the site.
    With our unique approach to website creation, we'll help you build a site with all three qualities: optimized for search engines, engaging for visitors, and making a good impression from top to bottom. At Encompass Online Marketing, we specialize in helping concrete lifting and levelling businesses build websites that bring in more customers, more leads, and more revenue because they're easy to find online. We can help you develop an effective online strategy and a winning website to get you noticed.

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Your website is the first impression of your company. You need a website that fits your company's needs, engages current and potential customers, and optimizes conversion.



You want to be on page one of the search results. You need expert SEO strategies that leverage the right keywords and keep up with the latest Google algorithm changes to help you climb to the top.


Brand Development

You want your brand to be memorable and make you stand out. You need a strong and consistent brand identity that people will recognize and know they can trust.


Social Media

You want to reach your clients in a meaningful way. You need a social media strategy to help you attract new customers, engage with people, and build your authority.


Content Creation

You want to create content that’s engaging and relevant to your audience. You need a content strategy that establishes you as an expert in your field and offers value to your target audience.


Marketing Materials

You want to stand out from the competition. You need marketing materials that reflect your unique branding and allow you to connect you with your community.

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