Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Trends are everywhere. From hairstyles to clothes to music, there seems to be a new trend every week. But what about digital marketing? The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, and that means new trends are everywhere you look. Now that it's a new year, many businesses are planning out their digital marketing strategies for 2023. Business owners are marketing teams looking for the latest trends to make the most of their marketing budgets and to maximize their impact, reach and results. But what are these trends, and how do you use them in your digital marketing strategy? The digital marketing experts at Encompass Online Marketing have compiled a list of the top 4 digital marketing trends for 2023 that can help you grow your business and attain new heights! Read on to learn more! 

Social Impact Strategy

Businesses and brands taking a stand on social issues and showing they are a core part of their values aren't new concepts. But incorporating their social impact strategy into their digital marketing strategies is a reflection of how many businesses and brands are showing how they respond to global events. And we don't just mean reacting to socio-political events or disasters; customers want to do business with brands who are authentic, mindful of their social impact and who center themselves around the morals and values their company claims to stand for. When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, incorporating social causes, such as inclusiveness or environmentally friendliness, into your brand's mission and values isn't a 'trend' but an effect of what it means to be a value-led brand in today's society. Your social media content, graphics, website, email topics, or any form of marketing you are using need to be influenced by and tie back into your social impact strategy.

Youth Centered Marketing

Millennials and Gen Z aren't the next generations of consumers; they make up a huge portion of the current generation. Many people associate the term Millennial with teenagers and young adults, and for many, Gen Z isn't even on their radar. The reality is that Millenials range in age from 26-41, and over half of Gen Z is 18 and up. Combined, they have over $600 billion in purchasing power annually, and that will only continue to grow. Besides their impressive purchasing power as consumers, Millenials and Gen Z are setting the standard for how we view and interact with brands, mainly through platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Many Millenials and Gen Z see right through traditional marketing tactics, and they choose only to interact and buy from the brands that genuinely appeal to their interests and values. They want marketing to be honest, authentic and more imaginative or experiential. It's not just about slapping some colourful graphics on your marketing materials and saying, "it's lit fam" or "no cap, periodt" it's about framing your brand identity around their tastes. Developing brand personas that truly resonate with younger generations isn't just a trend for 2023; it's the future of marketing.

Short Videos

Facebook and Instagram Reels and TikTok videos are taking over our social media feeds and grabbing consumer attention. These short videos have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years and will only continue to grow. If businesses want to stay relevant, they need to be seen where their customers are, and in the formats, they like to see. Reels and short video formats have made their way into social media management schedulers and tools, like the Meta Business Suite, so it will only become easier for businesses to utilize this digital marketing trend. If you haven't been using these formats in your digital marketing strategy, there has never been a better time to start! Get started by watching TikToks and Reels to get an idea of current trends and what people are responding to. You can then start posting and experimenting with content for your business. Every week, there is a new TikTok trend, and the opportunities to use them in your marketing efforts are almost endless. , Businesses have a bigger challenge than ever, with short-form videos taking over and attention spans constantly dropping. But with the right strategy and commitment, you can gain the traction you want and grab the attention of new customers. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is in. As the marketing landscape changes and becomes more challenging to navigate, businesses need to find new and innovative ways to put themselves in front of their target audience. A great way to do this is with seemingly "organic" content by partnering with influencers. Influencers can be very beneficial for big and small businesses alike. People trust them, what they say, and the products they recommend. In 2022, it was estimated that influencer marketing was a $16.4 billion industry. And with an estimated 41% of consumers finding a new product from an influencer each week, there is no shortage of opportunities for many industries. Influencer marketing has been steadily rising for years, and it will only continue to grow as influencers build up larger audiences. By taking advantage of the power of influencer marketing, you can reach new audiences, create brand awareness and get a great return on investment from your marketing budget.

Encompass Online Marketing Can Help You Get The Most From Your Digital Marketing

It's easy to get caught up and distracted by digital marketing trends. They're fun and they're exciting, but they aren't necessarily the most important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. The basic foundations of digital marketing still make up the bulk of results for most businesses. Your website, SEO strategy, email campaigns, social media advertising, digital ads and reputation management are important parts of your digital marketing strategy and shouldn't be ignored. At Encompass Online Marketing Ltd., we are experts in all aspects of digital marketing. If you need help with a new marketing strategy for the new year, contact us today! We have what it takes to get you noticed.

Written By: Trenton Ross